Why Camden Has the Best Las Vegas Lounge Food

When it comes to enjoying all that Las Vegas has to offer, there is no denying that there is nothing quite like Sin City’s food. People from all over the world come to Las Vegas to take in the sites sounds and experiences, but to enjoy the world-famous food and drinks that the city is known for. Simply put, when people come to Las Vegas, they are going to have high expectations when it comes to the food. Here at Camden, we know that Las Vegas diners expect the best of the best. This is why we are proud to say that even by Las Vegas standards, we have some of the best lounge food around—no questions asked.

We personally think the best way to really see first-hand just how delicious Camden’s food is, is to come visit us yourself and try our food yourself. Why so many people come to us for our famous cocktails, they all come back to us because our food is truly some of the best around—and not just for a cocktail lounge either.

While you may not be able to test out our cuisine through your computer screen, you can get a little preview of our food by taking a look at some of the best dishes that we have here at Camden. While it is hard for us to really choose just one of our favorites, here are a few of our top choices that we think everyone should try when they come visit us.

Kung Pao Chicken Meatballs- We promise you, these are not your mother’s meatballs. Our Kung Pao Chicken Meatballs are made with five spices and crushed peanuts and are filled with flavor. We recommend you start with one order, but plan on ordering more as these are going to be hard to put down.


Moroccan Lamb Cigars- If you want to taste lamb that is really done right, then you should give our Moroccan Lamb Cigars a try. Brimming with flavor and made with spices, dates and Marcona almonds, these table snacks are the real deal.

Mini Philly Cheese Steak Hero’s- Here at Camden Cocktail Lounge, we know that real Philly Cheesesteaks are made with real Cheese Whiz. We don’t try to change a classic here, which is why we use whiz on our cheese steaks. We of course also use high-quality sliced ribeye and fresh griddled onions for a sandwich so authentic, you may forget you aren’t in Philadelphia.

Mini Sirloin Sliders– Looking for a table snack that is slightly more filling? Give our mini sirloin sliders a try. They aren’t just made with a high-quality slice of meat, they are also prepared with caramelized onions, smoked cheddar and wild arugula…and they couldn’t be more delicious!


Deep Fried Brownies- Got a sweet tooth? Well, we got you covered. We think your sweet tooth will finally meet its match with our Deep Fried Brownies. They come with a strawberry coulis and a marshmallow dipping sauce that you have to taste to believe.

Now that we have your attention, make a trip to Camden Cocktail Lounge. We know you will love our breathtaking atmosphere and our one-of-a-kind drinks, but we also know that you will want to keep coming back for the food. Your only challenge will be choosing which dish you want to try first.