What is the Difference Between a Bar and a Nightclub?

Difference Between Bar and Nightclub

Here at Camden Cocktail Lounge, we know a thing or two about nightlife. After all, we are one of the premier lounges in all of Las Vegas—the night life capital of the world. Here at Camden Cocktail Lounge, we get a lot of nightlife related questions, one of the biggest being what is the difference between a bar and a nightclub? If you’ve been wondering the same thing, don’t worry, we have you covered and have decided to go ahead and detail some of the main differences between bars and nightclubs so you can truly get a grasp on how they are different (and similar).

  • Bars are more casual while nightclubs tend to be more formal. Expect to pay covers at nightclubs and be expected to meet a certain dress code in order to get in.
  • Nightclubs are more likely to have VIP services. If you want to be in a VIP-only lounge or enjoy bottle service, then a nightclub is where it is at. Bars typically don’t have these features.
  • Bars tend to have more beers while nightclubs tend to have more high-end cocktails. If you are looking for more local craft brews, then you may want to head to a bar instead.
  • Nightclubs typically have more live music. If you are interested in dancing, having live acts perform or being entertained by world famous DJs, then nightclubs are typically going to be your scene, they are also much louder than the average bar, which may have DJs but more laid-back bands without as much dancing.
  • They both can be a great time. Whether you prefer bars or nightclubs, both can deliver a fun night, no matter what type of adventures you are looking for.

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