Tableside Mixology

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When you indulge in Camden Cocktail Lounge’s incredible Tableside Mixology service, you’re bound to enjoy an unforgettable cocktail experience that is bound to make your evening memorable. Tableside Mixology makes you and your group the intimate audience of a skilled mixologist who will make personalized cocktail creations just for you! It’s truly an experience unlike any other.

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What is Tableside Mixology?

Tableside Mixology is a unique and premium service offered at Camden Cocktail Lounge, wherein libations are created just for you and your group by one of our staff mixologists. The mixologist will come to your table, consult with the group about what you’d like to order from our Tableside Mixology menu, and then make cocktail magic by mixing them up right in front of you. You’ll be wowed by the prowess and flair that goes into every drink. It’s guaranteed to make you appreciate that cocktail so much more when you know the thought and effort that goes into its creation. There is a minimum of one drink per person in your group.

Why try Tableside Mixology?

Here are just a few of the perks of trying our Tableside Mixology:

1. It’s fun to watch. How often do you enjoy such close proximity to a mixologist? Usually they’re at least partially hidden behind the bar or multitasking. With Tableside Mixology, you have the perfect uninterrupted view, which provides a bit of showmanship! It’s fascinating to watch the mixologist’s methods and to see the drinks from our menu come together. It’s like having front row tickets to a cocktail magic show! You and your group are guaranteed to be wowed.

2. Learn about your libations. There are some very unique drink options on our menu, like the “Lost In The Forest” cocktail, which is made with Dry Ransom Gin, yellow chartreuse, meyer lemon juice, green pine cone syrup, and rosemary air, or the “Out On Good Behavior” Cocktail, made with Daron Calvados, Campari, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, orange bitters, and a sphere.

It’s quite possible that you might have questions about these cocktails, as they might feature ingredients you’re not familiar with. Having the mixologist right in front of you affords you the opportunity to learn more about why they’ve chosen to put these flavors together. You’ll gain plenty of knowledge about mixology, and you’ll get to ask all the questions you’d like! This is an opportunity you don’t often get at a crowded lounge where the bartenders are multitasking and very busy.

3. A full experience. At Camden Cocktail Lounge, it’s not our goal to simply deliver cocktails: we want to offer our customers experiences. Tableside Mixology offers just that. It’s a different way to interact and engage with your mixologist and your group, and it will heighten your enjoyment of your cocktails. It’s the perfect recipe for a great night out!

4. No waiting for drinks. When your drinks are made tableside, it means you don’t have to get up and order them at a crowded bar! Considering how busy Las Vegas hotspots can get, this is a great incentive!

5. Try creative new drinks. As noted above, our Tableside Mixology menu offers some creative libations. If you typically stick to tried and true drinks like a Gin and Tonic or Vodka Martinis, this an opportunity to try something new and creative! Will you try “The Hef,” which is made with Del Maguey Mezcal, Contratto Bianco, activated charcoal vanilla tincture, Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters, and dry ice? Or, will you try the aptly named “Magic Show,” made with Pea Flower Grey Goose Melon, honeydew juice, St. Germain, lemon juice, simple syrup, and honeydew spheres soaked in kahlani?

How much does Tableside Mixology cost?

At Camden Cocktail Lounge, our Tableside Mixology service ranges in price based on the drink. There is a minimum of 1 drink per person per group.

Is Tableside Mixology the same as Bottle Service?

No. Bottle Service is a premium reservation wherein a group pre-purchases bottles of alcohol. Tableside Mixology is a service wherein a mixologist mixes drinks to order tableside.

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