Take a Look at Camden’s Innovative Food Menu

Camden Cocktail Lounge Food Menu

Here at Camden Cocktail Lounge, we are known throughout Las Vegas for our delicious drinks and innovative concoctions. Just take a look at our cocktail menu and you will see first-hand why even in a city like Las Vegas, we are the go-to place for the area’s most delicious drinks. However, here at Camden, we don’t just do cocktails right, we do food right as well. In fact, our food menu is one of the most creative and innovative in town, and offers everything from hearty meals to light snacks, all of which can be enjoyed on their own, or paired with one of our cocktails.

While it’s hard for us to choose favorites with a menu like this, we have taken the time to highlight just a few of our favorite food options from our innovative menu.

  1. Raw Veggie Summer Rolls- They are the perfect table snack and the perfect light and fresh summer dish—and we have them here at Camden! Start your night off with these vegetable summer rolls to share. They come with a yuzu ponzu and sesame miso dipping sauce that you have to taste to believe.
  2. Mini Philly Cheese Steak Hero’s- Who doesn’t love a hearty Philly Cheese Steak? We know we do, which is why we created a mini version of a Philly Cheese Steak and made it perfect for snacking and for sharing. Of course, Philadelphia natives will be happy to know that we made it the traditional Philly way… with real Cheese Whiz.
  3. Kung Pao Chicken Meatballs- We promise you that you’ve never had meatballs like this. These chicken meat balls are bursting with flavor and made with five different spices along with crushed peanuts. They have just the right amount of kick and are super addictive. In fact, we bet you can’t eat just one!
  4. Maine Lobster Rolls- We know that the best lobster rolls come from Maine, which is why we have fresh lobster brought in and use the traditional Maine recipe to create these filling and decadent lobster rolls. They are served with butter aioli and fresh lemon and this lobster comes on a toasted Brioche bun.
  5. Deep Fried Brownies- Here at Camden Cocktail Lounge, we don’t just have snacks and apps, we have more than just the perfect start to your night—we have the perfect end to your meal as well. Try our deep fried brownie dessert, served with strawberry coulis and a marshmallow dipping sauce. We promise they are as good as they sound!

Now that we have your attention, it is time to taste Camden’s food menu for yourself. Come down and visit us here at Camden Cocktail Lounge to explore our full menu of delicious cuisine. We are conveniently located in the heart of the Palms Casino and Resort.