Recipe for a Great Las Vegas Bar

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Great Las Vegas Bar

Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the world’s premier party headquarters. And cocktails are a huge part of the fuel for this party machine! Luckily, with its astounding array of resorts, casinos, and clubs, Las Vegas has no shortage of great bars to help keep the good times coming.

With a city as saturated with drinking establishments as Las Vegas, two things are for certain: first, the standards for excellence are high; second, you have to offer something different to stand out. Here, we’ll talk about the recipe for a great Las Vegas bar.

Ingredient one: a unique approach. As noted above, creating a bar that stands out in Las Vegas is extremely difficult. There are a lot of great concepts and establishments out there, after all. So how is a bar to be competitive?

By offering something different. When the Clique Hospitality Group began developing the concept for Camden Cocktail Lounge, they knew it was time to bring in the big guns, so they collaborated with nightlife partners Ryan Labbe and Jason “JRoc” Craig. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with these fellows, Labbe and Craig have had a hand in developing projects with just about every major nightlife company in town. They’re known to create innovative, creative, and standout establishments. Together with Clique Hospitality, they were able to create a unique cocktail lounge concept with Camden that is bound to offer a bar experience unlike any other!

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(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge Facebook page)

Ingredient two: creative cocktails. A well-made cocktail is a thing of beauty. But regular old mixed drinks aren’t going to cut it if you want your bar to be great, so Camden Cocktail Lounge takes things a few steps further.

Mixology is the heart and soul of the bar. Camden Cocktail Lounge will focus on mind-blowing cocktails, all presented in a distinctive, over-the-top manner with a flair unlike anything you’ve seen before. Our talented crew of bartenders, led by “House Intoxicologist” Eric Hobbie, have all mastered mixology, so they bring an artistic flair to their work. Whether it’s the perfect specimen of a classic cocktail you crave, or you want something new created just for you, every cocktail will have its own unique spin that will make it an experience unlike any other.

Ingredient three: a great location. This brand new Clique Hospitality venue will be located right at the base of the Palms Resort Casino, conveniently located close to the entrance. Not only is it easy to get to, but it offers a welcome respite from the gaming floor.

The Palms Casino recently went through an incredible $485 million renovation, and the facelift has made it the go-to destination in Sin City! The time, effort, and cash that went into this massive renovation was necessary to make everything perfect. The new incarnation of The Palms Resort Casino promises to be unlike anything else in Vegas, incredible gaming, dining, and drink options. Camden Cocktail Lounge is one of the jewels of this project!

Great Las Vegas Bar

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge Facebook page)

Ingredient four: killer ambiance. Refined yet relaxed. That’s the vibe you’ll enjoy at Camden Cocktail Lounge, which promises to be the perfect setting for enjoying a cocktail in good company. The atmosphere is a marriage of classic and modern, with luxury touches and attention to detail that give it a comfortable yet upscale vibe.

Ingredient five: entertainment. Las Vegas is a city of shows. Whe shows aren’t always necessary to make a bar successful, they certainly don’t hurt, especially in this town! Camden Cocktail Lounge plans on augmenting your cocktail experience with plenty of great entertainment, including live music performances and sets by talented DJs.

Ingredient six: an eclectic crowd. One of the key goals in creating Camden Cocktail Lounge? To create a spot that would appeal to locals and tourists alike. As developer Ryan Labbe is quoted as saying in Las Vegas Weekly, “If locals aren’t talking about it, why would somebody coming in from out of town want to experience it?…locals always have been and always will be a vital part of our business at every venue.”

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(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge Facebook page)

Ingredient seven: a sense of balance. All of the ingredients for a great Las Vegas bar listed above are vital to creating a successful establishment. However, it’s also about how you mix it. All of these ingredients must come together in perfect harmony for a bar to shine. At Camden Cocktail Lounge, we’ve taken the time and effort to create a well thought out and balanced concept which will truly offer customers a great experience. 

Is there one specific recipe for a great Las Vegas bar? Not exactly. Ultimately, a number of different ingredients and in the right proportions are necessary for success. Come see for yourself what it’s like to spend some time in the presence of cocktail greatness in Las Vegas: come visit Camden Cocktail Lounge!

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