Must-Know Mixology Ingredients and Techniques at Camden

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge Facebook page)

At Camden Cocktail Lounge, we like to think outside the box.

Of course, if you’ve ever visited our venue in the Palms Casino Resort or even perused our offerings online, this is evident: our menu is full of creative, over the top cocktail creations that are designed to offer you not just a beverage to drink, but an experience to be had.

Our “Head Intoxicologist” Eric Hobbie has a mastery of mixology unlike any other, and has created a menu of drinks that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. In an over the top town like Las Vegas, that’s quite an accomplishment!

To those who aren’t familiar with some of the mixology methods and ingredients featured in our drinks, this post is for you. Here, we’ll break down some of the more unusual ingredients and techniques on the menu so that you can be well educated the next time you’re ready to order!

Camden cocktail lounge specialty cocktails

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge Facebook page)

Dry Ice

Did you know that dry ice is not actual ice, but solid carbon dioxide? When heated, rather than melting, it becomes a gas. This is what helps it create dramatic effects in drinks, giving the effect of fog or smoke!

At Camden, you can find dry ice in cocktails like our Tableside Mixology offering called “Sgroppino 2 Ways”. It’s made using our house made limoncello, aperol, prosecco, limon sorbetto, basil, edible flowers, house made grapefruit cello, blood orange diamonds, and finished with dry ice.

Camden cocktail lounge in palms casino specialty cocktails

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge Facebook page)

Egg Whites

Egg whites aren’t just for healthy omelets. In the world of mixology, a frothed egg white can work wonders on cocktails, adding texture and a smooth, rich mouth feel to the finished creation.

You’ll find egg white in our White Tiger cocktail, which is made with Espolon, St. Germain liqueur, lemon, and islay perfume.

Homemade Liqueur

Liqueurs are concentrated, flavorful spirits that add unique flavors to cocktails. While many liqueurs are sold pre-mixed, it can really add a special element to a cocktail to include a homemade liqueur.

By combining an alcohol base with various flavorings and simple syrup, we create both simple and complex homemade liqueurs for many of our drinks.

For example, our Banana Hammock cocktail features house-made banana liqueur, along with Mt. gay eclipse rum, lime, and chocolate bitters.

Ice Spheres

How ‘bout a mixology method that helps keep drinks cold, adds flavor, and looks cool? Spheres have been trending in cocktails in recent years for their form and function. A flavored ice sphere is the centerpiece of the drink. You’ll find one in our Great Godfather

Cocktail, which is made with Bulleit bourbon, amaretto, meletti amaro, and features a blood orange sphere.

Infused Spirits

Infused spirits are easy to make, but tricky to get just right. All you need to do is choose a spirit and a flavor and let them steep, but the ingredients added will demand different steep times for optimum flavor. For instance, a strong flavor might only need to steep for minutes, where a more subtle one might take weeks.

See for yourself the difference it makes in our  Fire & Ice cocktail, which is made with

Tanqueray gin infused with jalapeno & sage, cherry juice, meyer lemon, and jalapeno cotton candy to finish it off.

Infused Sugar

Infused sugar is made by steeping flavorings in sugar. You’ll find an infused sugar in our Pinkies Up cocktail, which is made with Espolon, midori, lime juice, lemongrass sugar, herbs, diamond ice, and served with dry ice.


Ever heard of orgeat? It has a funny name but a truly delicious and refreshing flavor, made from orange flower water and almonds. You’ll find it in our Camden Sour

Cocktail, which is made with Russell reserve rye, orgeat, lemon, zinfandel port, and egg white.

Washed Spirits

 Fat is where it’s at when it comes to cocktails. To create “washed” spirits, a mixologist will add a source of fat to a spirit, let it steep a while, and then chill it to solidify the fat which is then skimmed off. The flavor imparted remains but the fat does not. Experience this flavor sensation in our Elvis is in the Building cocktail, which includes peanut washed Cruzan rum and house-made banana liqueur served in peanut butter cookie shooter.

Conclusion: At Camden Cocktail Lounge, our creativity seemingly knows no bounds. Now that you have an idea of some of the unique techniques and ingredients you’ll find in our drinks, come experience the magic for yourself! We hope to see you at the Palms Casino resort very soon!

Have you ever heard of any of these techniques?