Meet Camden’s Cocktails, Volume 2.

The Best Cocktails in Las Vegas

Fantastic news: Camden Cocktail Lounge has arrived on the scene! Located in the newly renovated Palms Resort Casino, this is undoubtedly one of the most exciting Las Vegas lounge openings in recent memory. While there are many reasons to be excited about the opening (including the epic Grand Opening Weekend lineup), undoubtedly the cocktails are one of the most notable new things to explore.

Ready to continue meeting the cocktails? We introduced you to several of our Mixologists’ creations in our post Meet Camden’s Cocktails, Volume 1; here, we’ll continue the introduction by telling you a bit more about the rest of our signature drinks: the Great Godfather, the Green Goblin, Sorbetto and Bubbles, the Banana Hammock, the Mambo Italiano, the Venice Girl, and the Matcha Maker. 

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Great Godfather:

As James Brown once said, “Papa’s got a brand new bag!”  You’ll feel like a rock star (and might even want to “get on up” like Mr. Brown) when you sip this delicious concoction, which is made with Bulleit Bourbon, amaretto, meletti amaro, and served with a blood orange sphere.

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Green Goblin:

Not only does this cocktail have a great name, but it happens to be a personal favorite of “Head Intoxicologist” Eric Hobbie. This heady cocktail is made with Cruzan Rum, lime, sugar, a nitro-muddled herb blend, and an herb sphere. It will make you feel like money! Or, as Lil Wayne says, ““Got a handful of stacks, better grab an umbrella.”

Sorbetto and Bubbles:

This elegant and buoyant drink will make you feel like you’re caught inside a “Champagne Supernova” like the famous Oasis song! It’s made with Casamigos Blanco Tequila, St. Germain, lemon sorbet, raspberry sorbet, and rose champagne. It’s elegant, sweet, and completely intoxicating.

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Banana Hammock:

As Gwen Stefani once crooned, “The s*%! Is bananas B.A.N.A.N.A.S.” This cocktail is bananas, in the best way possible. It’s made with Mt. Gay Eclipse Rum,

house-made banana liquor, lime, and chocolate bitters. It’s completely unlike anything you’ve ever tasted!  

Mambo Italiano:

As Dean Martin once sang, “I love how you dance a rhumba, but take some advice, learn how to mambo. You’ll definitely feel like dancing when you try this drink which we consider an Italian version of the daiquiri. It’s made with Olive Washed Cruzan Rum, Luxardo maraschino, grapefruit, and cinnamon cordial.

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Venice Girl:

As the Eagles famously sang about the Hotel California, “You can check out anytime, but you can never leave.” You’ll never want to exit the experience of this cocktail, which is made with Belvedere Citrus, strawberry and vanilla gomme, lime, and basil.

Matcha Maker:

This cocktail features a truly unique fusion of flavors, including Casamigos Blanco tequila, agave, lemon, mint, and matcha powder. It will have you singing “Oppan Gangnam Style” just like Psy in no time!

As you can see, Camden Cocktail Lounge is bringing plenty of delicious cocktails to the table. And these are just a few of our many offerings! Continue to follow the blog as we unveil even more creative offerings and events.

What’s your favorite cocktail from our menu?