Palms Casino in 2019

2019 Travel Destination Goals

Planning a trip of Las Vegas? There is nothing quite like taking in a long weekend to Sin City and experiencing all of the fun, excitement and entertainment that this city has to offer. If you have never been to Las Vegas before, stepping out into this city for the first time can be a bit overwhelming, as there is so much to do, so many place to try and so many exciting things to experience.

So, how do you know where to start?

Here are our 2019 travel destination goals which detail the best places in Las Vegas that you should visit during your stay.

  1. Goal: Stay in the New Palms Casino Resort-

    The Palms has been a fixture in the Las Vegas skyline for decades, but you have never seen The Palms Hotel and Casino quite like this before. The newly revamped hotel will blow your mind. It looks completely new and fresh, yet still has that opulence that The Palms is known for. It is a must-visit during any stay.

  2. Goal: Get Happy Hour at the LINQ-

    The massive LINQ in Las Vegas may look like a giant Ferris Wheel, but it is so much more than that. You can actually have cocktails in the LINQ with a group of your friends. It is unlike any other happy hour you’ve tried before.

  3. Goal: See the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay-

    There are so many grand hotels to explore in Las Vegas, but most of them don’t have their own shark tank. You can go under the shark reef at Mandalay Bay and feel like you are at the bottom of the ocean as you walk through this truly magical aquatic display.

  4. Goal: See Michael Jackson’s ONE by Cirque du Soleil-

    The only thing harder than deciding which bar to go to in Las Vegas, is deciding which show to see while you’re there. We recommend the Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil. It is one of the closest things you will get to seeing the late great performer take the stage live and it is a truly unforgettable experience.

  5. Goal: See the Bellagio Fountains-

    If you want a truly classic Las Vegas experience, we recommend lining up to see the Bellagio Fountains. They are truly as breathtaking and fun to see as everyone makes them out to be and it is one experience you will want to do over and over again…trust us.

  6. Goal: Take a Las Vegas Helicopter Tour-

    There are so many ways to see Las Vegas… but if you want one that literally soars above other tours, then consider booking a Las Vegas evening helicopter tour. There is no better way to truly take in the grandeur of the Las Vegas strip and see all of the lights in their true glory.

  7. Goal: Have a Cocktail at the Clique Bar & Lounge-

    There are lots of places in Las Vegas to get a great cocktail, but there are very few quite like Clique Bar & Lounge. This new lounge and cocktail bar has some of the most inventive, unique and delicious cocktails anywhere in the city. The only problem is attempting to not try every drink on the menu.

oxford social club las vegas

Super Bowl Viewing Party at Camden

On February 3rd, Camden Cocktail Lounge will be hosting our Big Game Sunday Super Bowl Viewing Party – and we want you to join us. No, you don’t even have to be a football fan, but feel free to represent your favorite team with pride if you are. Doors open at noon, and with a kick-off at 3:30 pm, this is guaranteed to be a great evening watching a memorable game.

The Perfect Super Bowl Atmosphere

If watching the Super Bowl in a sports bar doesn’t exactly appeal to you, and you have dreams of something a little more sophisticated, indulgent, and luxurious, thenCamden is the place for you. Our dynamic lounge is full of opulence and flair, making for an absolutely stunning setting that ensures that viewing party is unlike any other Super Bowl party out there.

Bronze accents, charcoal velvets, and even a decadent bookcase create a sophisticated elegance – and did we mention they’re stunning backdrops for photos? But we’re just the right amount of modern, too, and our flatscreen TVs will provide you with great views of all of the action, no matter where you choose to sit.

Speaking of which, our seating? It’s second to none. The spacious lounge gives you plenty of room to spread out a bit with your friends, and the seats are comfortable, luxurious, and offer plenty of options. Stake your claim to a bench seat, or maybe you want to opt for a table or even a seat at a bar. There isn’t a bad seat in the entire lounge, and no matter how long the game goes on for, you’re sure to be comfortable.

Perfect Game Day Foods

Take a glance at our menu and you’ll see that Camden offers all of your favorite foods to keep you satisfied during the Super Bowl viewing party. Kick things off with an order of Signature Buffalo Tulip Wings served with blue cheese sauce and fresh cut veggies. Follow that up with our five-spice Kung Pao Chicken Meatballs. Then it’s on to our Mini Philly Cheese Steak Hero’s – served with genuine Cheez Whiz, of course. Round things off with our Mini Sirloin Sliders served with smoked cheddar, caramelized onions, and wild arugula.

Looking for options that are a little lighter and a little healthier? We have something for everyone here. Our Raw Veggie Summer Rolls feature yuzu ponzu and sesame miso dipping sauce for plenty of flavor. Our Maine Lobster Rolls, served on a toasted brioche bun with butter aioli and fresh lemon are a refreshing seafood bite. Change things up with our Moroccan Lamb Cigars, served with marcona almonds, dates, and spices. Then, finish up with an order of our Mini Vegan Sliders, served with vegan cheese, caramelized onions, and wild arugula.

If your team wins and it’s time to celebrate that sweet victory, our dessert menu offers a duo of delicious options. Our Blueberry Pie Wontons are served with lemon Chantilly cream and salted caramel sauce for a delectable blend of flavors. Or, go all out and get our Deep Fried Brownies, served with marshmallow dipping sauce and strawberry coulis.

Not only is our upscale bar food delicious, but we offer all of your game day favorites. With dishes that are perfect for sharing, you can order an assortment of snacks for your entire party.

Amazing Cocktails

Being a cocktail lounge, a signature cocktail is a must-have whenever you’re at Camden. Our mixologists are creative, talented artists and they will be crafting some amazing cocktails during the Super Bowl viewing party.

Need some inspiration? You can’t go wrong with the Fresh & Easy, blending together Bombay Sapphire, cucumber, mint, lime juice, and elderflower. The Green Goblin is another favorite and features Cruzan Rum, lime, sugar, herb blend nitro muddled, and topped with an herb sphere. Our Fire & Ice cocktail will get you fired up for the game with its blend of Tanqueray Gin infused with jalapeno and sage, cherry juice, meyer lemon, and jalapeno cotton candy. Or, release your inner tiger with The White Tiger, a fabulous combination of Espolon, St. Germain, lemon, Islay paw print, and egg white.

Join Us for Super Bowl LII

Whether you’re an avid football fan or just turn out for the Super Bowl commercials, Camden’s viewing party is an experience that you won’t want to miss. Join us, have some amazing food and cocktails, and watch the big game in an opulent atmosphere. We’ll see you on February 3rd!


Must-Know Mixology Ingredients and Techniques at Camden

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge Facebook page)

At Camden Cocktail Lounge, we like to think outside the box.

Of course, if you’ve ever visited our venue in the Palms Casino Resort or even perused our offerings online, this is evident: our menu is full of creative, over the top cocktail creations that are designed to offer you not just a beverage to drink, but an experience to be had.

Our “Head Intoxicologist” Eric Hobbie has a mastery of mixology unlike any other, and has created a menu of drinks that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. In an over the top town like Las Vegas, that’s quite an accomplishment!

To those who aren’t familiar with some of the mixology methods and ingredients featured in our drinks, this post is for you. Here, we’ll break down some of the more unusual ingredients and techniques on the menu so that you can be well educated the next time you’re ready to order!

Camden cocktail lounge specialty cocktails

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge Facebook page)

Dry Ice

Did you know that dry ice is not actual ice, but solid carbon dioxide? When heated, rather than melting, it becomes a gas. This is what helps it create dramatic effects in drinks, giving the effect of fog or smoke!

At Camden, you can find dry ice in cocktails like our Tableside Mixology offering called “Sgroppino 2 Ways”. It’s made using our house made limoncello, aperol, prosecco, limon sorbetto, basil, edible flowers, house made grapefruit cello, blood orange diamonds, and finished with dry ice.

Camden cocktail lounge in palms casino specialty cocktails

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge Facebook page)

Egg Whites

Egg whites aren’t just for healthy omelets. In the world of mixology, a frothed egg white can work wonders on cocktails, adding texture and a smooth, rich mouth feel to the finished creation.

You’ll find egg white in our White Tiger cocktail, which is made with Espolon, St. Germain liqueur, lemon, and islay perfume.

Homemade Liqueur

Liqueurs are concentrated, flavorful spirits that add unique flavors to cocktails. While many liqueurs are sold pre-mixed, it can really add a special element to a cocktail to include a homemade liqueur.

By combining an alcohol base with various flavorings and simple syrup, we create both simple and complex homemade liqueurs for many of our drinks.

For example, our Banana Hammock cocktail features house-made banana liqueur, along with Mt. gay eclipse rum, lime, and chocolate bitters.

Ice Spheres

How ‘bout a mixology method that helps keep drinks cold, adds flavor, and looks cool? Spheres have been trending in cocktails in recent years for their form and function. A flavored ice sphere is the centerpiece of the drink. You’ll find one in our Great Godfather

Cocktail, which is made with Bulleit bourbon, amaretto, meletti amaro, and features a blood orange sphere.

Infused Spirits

Infused spirits are easy to make, but tricky to get just right. All you need to do is choose a spirit and a flavor and let them steep, but the ingredients added will demand different steep times for optimum flavor. For instance, a strong flavor might only need to steep for minutes, where a more subtle one might take weeks.

See for yourself the difference it makes in our  Fire & Ice cocktail, which is made with

Tanqueray gin infused with jalapeno & sage, cherry juice, meyer lemon, and jalapeno cotton candy to finish it off.

Infused Sugar

Infused sugar is made by steeping flavorings in sugar. You’ll find an infused sugar in our Pinkies Up cocktail, which is made with Espolon, midori, lime juice, lemongrass sugar, herbs, diamond ice, and served with dry ice.


Ever heard of orgeat? It has a funny name but a truly delicious and refreshing flavor, made from orange flower water and almonds. You’ll find it in our Camden Sour

Cocktail, which is made with Russell reserve rye, orgeat, lemon, zinfandel port, and egg white.

Washed Spirits

 Fat is where it’s at when it comes to cocktails. To create “washed” spirits, a mixologist will add a source of fat to a spirit, let it steep a while, and then chill it to solidify the fat which is then skimmed off. The flavor imparted remains but the fat does not. Experience this flavor sensation in our Elvis is in the Building cocktail, which includes peanut washed Cruzan rum and house-made banana liqueur served in peanut butter cookie shooter.

Conclusion: At Camden Cocktail Lounge, our creativity seemingly knows no bounds. Now that you have an idea of some of the unique techniques and ingredients you’ll find in our drinks, come experience the magic for yourself! We hope to see you at the Palms Casino resort very soon!

Have you ever heard of any of these techniques?

Celebrate New Year’s in Las Vegas at Camden!

Looking to ring in the New Year in a big way? Then Camden Cocktail Lounge is where you want to be. The entire New Year’s weekend is packed full of activity, making the last few days of 2018 ones that you definitely won’t forget.

On Saturday, December 29th, join us for UFC 232. See Jones versus Gustafsson 2 for the World Light Heavyweight Championship, and Cyborg versus Nunes for the World Featherweight Championship.

Then, we’ll keep the party going on Sunday, December 30th. We’ll have a live DJ filling the place with energy, and we hope to see you and your friends on the dance floor.

Las Vegas New Year’s at Camden

On New Year’s Eve, we’ll party like it’s….2019. We’re offering open bar reservations so that you’ll always have a drink in your hand all night long. But that’s just the first reason why you should celebrate New Year’s at Camden.

The Ideal Location

We’re located right within the Palms Casino of Las Vegas, so no matter what you’ve been up to during the day, it’s easy to get to Camden. If you’re feeling lucky, then head into the casino before the party starts at Camden. After all, how great would it be to head into 2019 a whole lot richer than you were previously?

Innovative Cocktails

Camden’s cocktails are a little bit different – in a good way. Our menus have been created by the best mixologists in Las Vegas, and our cocktails have names that stand out just as much as their flavors do. Some of our cocktails are inspired by traditional drinks, but we always put a twist on them, too. Plus, unique ingredients like orgeat give our cocktails amazing flavors that you just won’t find anywhere else.

We like to push the limits here a bit, and the result is unique cocktails that are memorable and delicious. Try the White Tiger, made with Tanqueray Gin infused with jalapeno and sage, cherry juice, and Myer lemon. Did we mention they’re garnished with jalapeno cotton candy?

Or maybe the Green Goblin is more to your taste. It’s made with Cruzan Rum, lime, sugar, and a nitro-muddled herb blend. It’s served with an herb sphere, which is evidence of how much attention our mixologists pay to every little detail of every single drink.

Delicious Table Snacks

With plenty of delicious options perfect for sharing with your group, you can indulge a little bit as you celebrate. Start off the night with our Signature Buffalo Tulip Wings with blue cheese sauce and fresh cut veggies. Follow that up with an order of our Kung Pao Chicken Meatballs, or our Mini Philly Cheese Steak Hero’s. Looking for something a bit more upscale? Our Maine Lobster Rolls are packed with flavor, and our Moroccan Lamb Cigars are paired with Marcona almonds and dates.

Finish off the night with something sweet. Our Blueberry Pie Wontons come with a lemon Chantilly cream and salted caramel sauce, and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Or, try our Deep Fried Brownies, which come with a marshmallow dipping sauce and strawberry coulis.

Instagram Photo Opportunities

Make the last moments of 2018 memorable, and celebrate with your friends – but don’t forget to document this New Year’s Eve celebration for the rest of the world to see, too. Our luxurious décor makes a perfect backdrop for Instagram photos, so be sure to capture each special moment of the night.

Unforgettable Times with Unforgettable Company

New Year’s at Camden isn’t your typical New Year’s Eve party. Our opulent, indulgent setting instantly creates a mood that you won’t find elsewhere, and you and your guests can celebrate 2019 in pure luxury.

Just step into the lounge and you’ll quickly realize that this will be a New Year’s celebration you won’t soon forget. Bronze accents and charcoal velvets add sophistication, and the decadent bookcase that lines one wall is a striking focal point. Contrast that with the flatscreen TVs and it’s evident that we do things a bit differently here.

With a bit of mystery in the atmosphere, a night at Camden is full of possibility. Who knows who you’ll meet out on the dance floor, and who you’ll choose to ring in the New Year with?

We can’t wait to see you, but New Year’s Eve is always popular at Camden, so get your tickets and make your reservation now. Join us for one last celebration and let’s welcome in 2019 right.

Come See UFC 232 Fight Night Live at Camden Cocktail Lounge

UFC 232 Viewing in Las Vegas at Camden Cocktail Lounge

After Christmas has come and gone and the excitement of the holidays starts to dwindle down, it is time to finally stop attending Christmas party after Christmas party and start getting back to doing the things you love to do. This means going to the places you want, and watching the things you want to see—and if you are anything like us (and millions of other people) that list of things to do and things to see includes the UFC 232 Fight Night.

On Saturday, December 29th, two of the biggest fights in UFC history will be taking place on Pay Per View—and Camden Cocktail Lounge is the perfect place to go and see it all unfold.  UFC 232 fight is one of the biggest events of the season. The first event will be the World Featherweight Championship where two of the biggest names in women’s UFC will be pairing off for the title. Amanda Nunes will be battling against the rarely-defeated Cris Cyborg in a matchup that is sure to be one scrappy, exciting fight until the end.

Then there is the main event, where Jon Jones will take on Alexander Gustafsson for the second time in the World Light Heavyweight Championship. While Jones in the slight favorite in this matchup, many know that Gustafsson is no easy opponent to beat and is preparing to upset Jones is what will surely be a very exciting competition.

Fans from all over the country will be tuning in, trying to find somewhere to watch the game on Pay Per View and waging their bets on who will emerge from these matchups—and we have the perfect spot for you to watch. You can see all of the action live at Camden Cocktail Lounge, and watch the game on our numerous flat screen TVs.

There is no bad seat in the house at Camden, as we have plenty of TVs, and of course our amazing food and drink being served all night long. Reserve your table now for the biggest fight of 2018 by visiting—table reservations are only $100 per person. Just make sure you visit soon to make your reservations as tables are limited and are going fast.

Don’t forget the fight starts Saturday, December 29th at 10:00 PM—it is the event that everyone will be talking about the next day, so you won’t want to miss it. This is the perfect kick off to your long New Year’s weekend and is sure to be a matchup you won’t soon forget.


Spotlight on Eric Hobbie: Camden’s Head Intoxicoligist

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge Facebook page)

At Camden Cocktail Lounge, our menu is a masterpiece of mixology. But have you ever been curious about who dreamed up our incredible cocktail concoctions? It’s time to meet the man behind the mixology, our “Head Intoxicologist” Eric Hobbie.

A bartender from an early age, Eric has developed an unusual yet highly sophisticated style of mixology over the years. Here, you’ll learn a little bit more about his story, his craft, and some of his personal favorite cocktails!

Eric’s story

While Eric Hobbie is still quite young, he’s already spent years refining his craft. He actually started bartending in New York at the age of 16 (don’t tell, because technically he shouldn’t have been doing this till he was 18!).

Eventually, he would move on up by helping to open Charlie Trotter’s restaurant in the Palazzo. This is where he really began to get into mixology.

A restaurateur like Charlie Trotter wouldn’t just offer any drinks on the menu. This was the first time that Eric began to learn how to put together flavors in a glass.

Sometimes it was challenging, and he was forced to step outside of his comfort zone, seeking out sometimes unusual or unexpected ingredients to create the flavor sensations he sought to offer customers.

He continued in the industry, moving on to B&B Ristorante, a collaboration between Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich at the Venetian. At the time, Eric was working with a local forager and dreaming up creative cocktails. An early success was  “The Green Monk” cocktail which was made with Hendricks gin, meyer lemon juice, cucumber, basil, and yellow chartreuse. It gained him his first media exposure on a food blog, and the media continued to take note.

Eventually, he was personally invited to Tales of the Cocktail, the premier series of cocktail events, by Salvatore Calabrese, who is considered one of the world’s best bartenders.

eric hobbie

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge)

Creative fusion

When Eric was approached by Andi Masi of Clique Hospitality about a new project, he was intrigued–and excited. A long admirer of Clique Hospitality venues, he knew from the outset that the concept behind Camden was special.

He was told to “have fun” with the menu, and to create something totally unique. After all, the cocktails had to be just as special as the space, which was beautifully designed and featured a variety of world-class pieces of art. Eric didn’t hold back on the creativity in creating the incredible list of over-the-top cocktails that make Camden so destination-worthy.

cocktail lounge

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge)

On Mixology

When it comes to mixing drinks, Eric is well versed in all styles of spirits, from a simple mixed drink to an over the top cocktail creation.

One of his favorite drinks to make is actually the humble Negroni–made with gin, campari, and vermouth. As he says, “It’s simple: only 3 ingredients in equal portions. Yet if not measured properly the drink is way off.”

He also has great fun crafting more complicated cocktails, though. Case in point: one of his favorite cocktails on the Camden menu is The Green Goblin cocktail. Made with Cruzan Rum, lime, sugar, herb blended nitro muddled herbs, and served with an Octagon Cube, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried!

Looking to expand your cocktail repertoire? Eric would love to see more customers get curious about gin. It’s one of those spirits that can turn people off at a young age if they overdo it, but it’s worth getting to know. However, Eric views it as a fascinating and versatile spirit that makes for truly unique cocktails.

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge)

Committed to delivering a great customer experience

Ultimately, everything that Eric does is geared with you, the customer, in mind. With his creative drinks, he’s not just trying to make “cool” cocktails. He wants to deliver a truly incredible cocktail experience to the end consumer.

According to Eric, “When a guest steps into Camden, they become family.” He wants every customer to enjoy cocktail perfection and to have a drinking experience unlike any other!

Conclusion: At Camden Cocktail Lounge, we offer some of the best and most creative cocktails Las Vegas has to offer. This is largely thanks to our “Head Intoxicologist” Eric Hobbie. Now that you’ve gotten to know him a little better, come taste his creations! We can’t wait to see you at the Palms Casino Resort.

Have you tried Eric Hobbie’s cocktails at Camden?

Come Check Out Camden’s Tailgate Menu for NFL Season

One of the many things that makes this time of year so great is that we are right in the midst of football season.  Here at Camden, we love NFL football season just as much as the next fan.  We love the excitement of the game, cheering on our favorite team, and of course, we love tailgating.

This is why we have created a specialty tailgate menu that is inspired by our love of the NFL and by our love of tailgating. If you are looking for some great snacks to enjoy pre your NFL game, we have just the menu for you.  Want to know the best part? You can enjoy these snacks in our stunning cocktail lounge right in the heart of Las Vegas, instead of in a freezing cold parking lot outside a stadium.

So, if you are looking for some tailgating snacks, here are a few suggestions that will get you in the mood for any home game.

  • Signature Buffalo Tulip Wings—Let’s be honest, nothing says tailgating quite like wings, which is why this signature appetizer is a must-try on our menu and the perfect appetizer to get you in the mood for watching the game.
  • Mini Philly Cheese Steak Hero’s—Whether you are rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles or not, these cheesesteaks are the perfect pre-game snack… and of course, they’re made the right wa, with whiz.
  • Kung Pao Chicken Meatballs—These are not your average crock pot meatballs—our chicken meatballs are filled with flavor and so good, we bet you won’t be able to eat just one.
  • Mini Sirloin Sliders—Looking for some hearty tailgating snacks? These mini sirloin sliders are some of our favorite appetizers and sure to get you game-ready, no matter who you are cheering for.

Now that we have you with bar snacks on the mind—it is time to come down to Camden Cocktail Lounge next time your favorite NFL team is playing. We play all of the big games on our flat screen TVs and have delicious beer, wine and cocktails that will go great with these tailgating snacks.

Why Camden Has the Best Las Vegas Lounge Food

When it comes to enjoying all that Las Vegas has to offer, there is no denying that there is nothing quite like Sin City’s food. People from all over the world come to Las Vegas to take in the sites sounds and experiences, but to enjoy the world-famous food and drinks that the city is known for. Simply put, when people come to Las Vegas, they are going to have high expectations when it comes to the food. Here at Camden, we know that Las Vegas diners expect the best of the best. This is why we are proud to say that even by Las Vegas standards, we have some of the best lounge food around—no questions asked.

We personally think the best way to really see first-hand just how delicious Camden’s food is, is to come visit us yourself and try our food yourself. Why so many people come to us for our famous cocktails, they all come back to us because our food is truly some of the best around—and not just for a cocktail lounge either.

While you may not be able to test out our cuisine through your computer screen, you can get a little preview of our food by taking a look at some of the best dishes that we have here at Camden. While it is hard for us to really choose just one of our favorites, here are a few of our top choices that we think everyone should try when they come visit us.

Kung Pao Chicken Meatballs- We promise you, these are not your mother’s meatballs. Our Kung Pao Chicken Meatballs are made with five spices and crushed peanuts and are filled with flavor. We recommend you start with one order, but plan on ordering more as these are going to be hard to put down.


Moroccan Lamb Cigars- If you want to taste lamb that is really done right, then you should give our Moroccan Lamb Cigars a try. Brimming with flavor and made with spices, dates and Marcona almonds, these table snacks are the real deal.

Mini Philly Cheese Steak Hero’s- Here at Camden Cocktail Lounge, we know that real Philly Cheesesteaks are made with real Cheese Whiz. We don’t try to change a classic here, which is why we use whiz on our cheese steaks. We of course also use high-quality sliced ribeye and fresh griddled onions for a sandwich so authentic, you may forget you aren’t in Philadelphia.

Mini Sirloin Sliders– Looking for a table snack that is slightly more filling? Give our mini sirloin sliders a try. They aren’t just made with a high-quality slice of meat, they are also prepared with caramelized onions, smoked cheddar and wild arugula…and they couldn’t be more delicious!


Deep Fried Brownies- Got a sweet tooth? Well, we got you covered. We think your sweet tooth will finally meet its match with our Deep Fried Brownies. They come with a strawberry coulis and a marshmallow dipping sauce that you have to taste to believe.

Now that we have your attention, make a trip to Camden Cocktail Lounge. We know you will love our breathtaking atmosphere and our one-of-a-kind drinks, but we also know that you will want to keep coming back for the food. Your only challenge will be choosing which dish you want to try first.

Camden: A Mysterious Las Vegas Lounge

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge)

When you come to visit Camden Cocktail Lounge, you can expect great cocktails. But you can also expect much more, because what we intend to offer is an experience for all of the senses.

Located in the newly and extravagantly refurbished Palms Casino Resort, Camden Cocktail Lounge is a hidden gem right in the thick of the resort. Even in a town built on entertainment value, this lounge has plenty of surprises up its sleeve.

Curious? This post will offer up some of the hidden secrets of Camden, a mysterious Las Vegas lounge.

It starts with the entrance

While Camden Cocktail Lounge is conveniently located in the Palms Resort Casino, it’s not necessarily easy to get to. Say what?

You see, the front door operates in disguise: it resembles a bookcase lined with hardcovers.

By figuring out the intriguing entrance, we’re setting the tone for mystery and delight. Already it’s an adventure, and you’re not even through the front door!

oxford social club las vegas

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge)

Things get even more fascinating inside

 As you enter the space, you’ll find a series of three rooms lined with bookcases. With rich, decadent velvet details and bronze accents abounding, the space feels more like a mysterious, dream-like library than your average Vegas lounge.

Oh, and don’t forget to look up. The ceiling features a hypnotic and beautiful series of black and gold pebbles in matte, mirrored, and frosted finishes.

This is not your typical Las Vegas lounge

 Rather, it feels like a storybook setting or a movie set. It feels like a place where stories are about to begin.

But don’t worry, we’re still rooted in reality. We do have modern details, and incredible drinks. Additionally, a high-limit gaming room with an official casino cage adjoins the lounge.

A visionary designer

 The space was designed by the inimitable Studio Munge, the same design outfit behind many other Clique Hospitality venues, including Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca.

Studio Munge was founded by Italian designer Alessandro Munge in 1997. An artist and creator from a young age, today he is driven to create spaces that connect people in creative and thought provoking ways. As Munge says, “Our responsibility is to give unique design solutions that are right and relevant. There is no formula that will force us to do the same thing over and over because in my world I call that insanity.”

He’s considered a veteran in the design world, with 20+ years of experience and over 50 employees. As you can see just by looking around Camden Cocktail Lounge, Studio Munge is an extremely talented design firm!

oxford social club las vegas

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge)

World class art

 The space itself is a work of art, but there’s even more art to be found around Camden Cocktail Lounge. We’ve got some incredible artwork throughout the space.

You’ll find neon work by Olivia Steele, an original Andy Warhol print, Las Vegas Nurse and Nurse in Las Vegas by Richard Prince, and the glimmering Sun Disc by Damien Hirst.

Don’t forget the drinks

In a space like this, lackluster drinks simply wouldn’t fit the bill. The cocktails are true feats of mixology art in their own right, beautifully presented and gorgeously layered in flavor. Here are just a few of the cocktails you’ll find on the menu:

  • Fresh and Easy: An easy-drinking elixir, this is made with Bombay Sapphire, cucumber, mint, lime juice, and elderflower tonic.
  • Frenchy: You’ll be tempted to drink this lovely cocktail with your pinkie extended, it’s that elegant! It’s made with Absolut Elyx Vodka, orgeat, cantaloupe, lemon, and champagne. Just in case you’re not familiar with orgeat, it’s a sweet almond syrup which is flavored with orange flower water. Le yum!
  • Camden Sour: This take on the whiskey sour is bound to knock your socks off. The Camden Sour is made with Bulleit 95 Rye, orgeat, lemon, Zinfandel port, and an egg white. Rye combined with the sweet-citrusy flavor of orgeat makes for a beautiful flavor sensation.
  • Fire & Ice: A study in contrasts, this creative cocktail is made with Tanqueray Gin infused with jalapeno and sage, cherry juice, Meyer lemon, and jalapeno cotton candy. Not only is it beautiful to behold, but the contrasting flavors will keep your taste buds on edge sip after sip.

These are just a few of the many cocktail offerings at Camden Cocktail Lounge: check out our full menu to read about the rest!

Conclusion: Camden Cocktail Lounge is no mere bar. It’s a whimsical, imaginative, and gorgeously designed establishment designed to seduce the senses. With an incredible ambiance, artwork, decor, and creative cocktails, you’re bound to fall under the spell of our mysterious Las Vegas lounge.

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Book Your Holiday Party at Camden Cocktail Lounge

Are you searching for the perfect place to host your holiday party? Maybe your family gatherings have become too large for your home, or maybe you’re in charge of planning your workplace party. Camden Cocktail Lounge is just the party location that you’ve been searching for. 

When you book your holiday party at Camden, you’ll enjoy countless benefits.

A luxurious setting perfect for any gathering

Want to enjoy a special night with your closest friends? Looking for a venue for your work holiday party? Let Camden be your destination. We can accommodate a variety of private events, and offer a luxurious, contemporary setting where you and your guests can celebrate.


Get a great gift

For a limited time, and in keeping with the holiday spirit, we’re offering special gifts to anyone who books their holiday party by November 15th. Choose from a $150 gift card, a complimentary champagne toast for your group, or a 15% discount on your food and beverage order. It’s our way of saying thanks for choosing Camden for your holiday party.

The perfect location

Conveniently located right within the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, it’s easy for your guests to find and get to Camden Cocktail Lounge. Whether you’re meeting up after work or are getting together on a weekend, there are plenty of activities to do locally before your holiday party begins.

We offer a contemporary yet welcoming lounge that is spacious enough to host parties of many different sizes. Our opulent décor will instantly elevate your holiday party, making it an event that all of your guests are sure to remember.


Delicious group menu options

When you’re hosting a holiday party at Camden, you can’t go wrong with any of the delicious choices on our group menu. We offer a huge variety of options that can accommodate different themes, dietary restrictions, and budgets. You can pick and choose to create the menu that works best for your guests. But there’s no need to worry too much about your menu choice, either – all of our dishes are absolutely delectable.

Start off the evening with a selection of passed hors d’ouevres, such as our Maine lobster rolls, coconut shrimp skewer, or mini sirloin sliders. Or, maybe a displayed appetizer, like our artisanal cheese or our seafood display is a better fit for your party style.

Next, treat your guests to salads or pastas, and choose from main dishes such as our chicken picatta or bacon wrapped pork loin. Carved meats such as our honey mustard roasted turkey breast or roast beef tenderloin are always huge favorites, especially when paired with sides including au gratin potatoes or macaroni and cheese.

Want to change things up a little? Our creamy white cheddar mac-n-cheese station is a big favorite, or you might want to try our risotto station or kabob station, too.

No party is complete without dessert, and that’s why we offer plenty of options including mini cupcakes, cheesecake, a cookie jar, s’mores, stuffed doughnuts, and more. The choices are practically endless, and your party is sure to be the talk of the holiday season.

Great bar options

You can even customize the bar offerings to fit within your budget and party needs. Choose from one, two, and three-hour bars, and decide whether the Premium Bar Packages or Super Premium Bar Packages are right for the crowd.

Our Premium Bar Packages include a variety of premium brands such as Absolut, Tanqueray, Crown Royal, Johnny Walker Black, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, and much, much more.

Or, step things up a notch with our Super Premium Bar Package, which offers brands such as Belvedere, Ciroc, Don Julio Silver, Wild Turkey, Woodford Reserve, Bacardi Select, Jagermeister, and more.

Want to enjoy Camden’s specialty cocktails? You can add them on for an additional per-person cost.

Stress-free party hosting

Just think of how hosting your party at Camden will relieve your stress during the busy holiday season. There’s no cleaning or cooking to worry about. And you won’t have to fret about finding the right venue, then hiring the right caterer and hoping they work well together. And décor? We’ll take care of that, too.

At Camden, we can take the stress out of hosting a holiday party. All you need to do is select the menu items that you’d like to offer your guests, reserve your party date and time, and then sit back and relax. You’ll actually get to participate in the party, rather than worrying about the nuances of hosting. What better way to enjoy the holiday season?

Book your holiday party today

Don’t wait, though – we’re booking up fast, and need your reservation by November 15th. Call Group Sales today at 702-489-2129 to host your holiday party at Camden.