5 Reason Why Camden Is Your Go-To Football Spot

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge Instagram feed)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Nope, we’re not getting holly jolly quite yet: we’re talking about football season!

With the football season officially in gear, it’s time to fall (get it?) in love with Camden Cocktail Lounge all over again, not as just a getaway for expertly made drinks (though yes, we’ve got that on lock with our creative cocktail menu) but as the perfect spot to watch your favorite team!

Want to learn more? Here are just five reasons why Camden is your go-to football spot in Vegas:

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(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge Facebook page)

1. We’ve got games four days a week! Sunday! Monday! Thursday! Saturday! For the football season, these are the most important four days of the week, because they’re the days that you can watch football at Camden Cocktail Lounge!

Here’s the rundown of our weekly schedule:

  • Tailgate Sundays: On Sundays, we football-brunch! Camden Cocktail Lounge will open the doors at 9am through the season so that you can cheer for your favorite team during our Tailgate Sundays series.

Sure, we’ll have beer, but we’ll also have the upscale drinks we’re known for, as well as some enticing special food offerings.

  • Monday Night Football: Are you ready for some football? Commencing at 5:30pm, we’re showcasing your favorite team on Monday. Enjoy some great food and drink and let the workday tension ease right off your shoulders.
  • Thursday Night Football: Starting at 5:30pm, we’ve got the best games showing on Thursdays! Celebrate Friday Jr. in style with great drinks, great food, and your favorite team. Don’t worry, just one more day at work and then it’s game day again!
  • College Football Saturdays: Today’s college athletes are tomorrow’s NFL stars. Check out your favorite college football teams at Camden on Saturdays. We’ll open the doors at 9am so you can spend all day enjoying the game!

sports bar las vegas

(Source: Camden Cocktail Lounge blog)

2. Killer ambiance. Real talk: where you watch the game matters. The stakes feel higher, and the experience is ultimately more enjoyable, when you watch the game in the perfect setting.

The ambiance at Camden Cocktail Lounge is second to none. Our exquisitely designed space features comfortable seating, a sleek design, and incredible art all around the space. Seriously: have you ever watched a football game while seated near an original Warhol print?

Sure, the game is where your eyes are glued, but it’s an incredible experience to enjoy it in a beautiful setting. See for yourself what a difference it makes!

3. Plenty of big screens. Don’t worry: it’s not all art and refinement at Camden Cocktail Lounge. We’re very much rooted in the current century and have the big screens to prove it!

Our multiple big screens, spaced throughout our beautifully appointed space, mean that you’ll get a good look at the game no matter where you’re seated, whether it’s near a work of art or belly up at the bar.

4. A special football season food menu. The menu at Camden Cocktail Lounge is always special, and remains available in full on game days. But we know that game day requires its own specific foodie traditions, and we’re more than happy to give you what you’re craving!

Our innovative football season menu features classic tailgate fare, but with our always unique flair. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Mini Philly Cheesesteak Hero: This hearty hero is made with sliced ribeye laced with griddled onions…and let’s not even joke about it, of course it’s “wit wiz”! 
  • Mini Sirloin Sliders: These mini burgers are second to none. High quality, flavorful sirloin is served on mini buns with smoked cheddar, caramelized onions, and wild arugula.

Of course, for those AM games, we also have some breakfast bites, including:

  • Biscuit Slider: The perfect start to the game and to the day! This slider starts with a biscuit which is sandwiched around sausage, egg, and smoked cheddar. It’s served with our addictive crispy potatoes.
  • Southwest Breakfast Tacos: If you’ve ever tried breakfast tacos, then you know they are a thing of great beauty. Ours are made with egg, sausage, salsa rojo, and served with crispy potatoes.
  • Egg White Tacos: A lighter bite! These babies are made with chicken sausage, avocado, salsa rojo, and served with fruit.
  • Bread Pudding French Toast: Seeking something sweet? This delectable treat is served with berries and marshmallow cream, making for a dream-worthy morning plate.

5. Incredible cocktails. Don’t worry, we have drinks, too! Naturally, our full roster of creative cocktails is available at all times, but we also have some specials for the football season, including:

Domestic bottled beers: Available for just $2!

and we have a variety of cocktails, including:

Michelada: This creative concoction is made with Bud Light, chamoy powder, maggi sauce, oyster tomato puree, chili powder, lime and lemon, tamarind rim, and cilantro tom juice.

Blood Orange Rose Mimosa: A festive drink, made with fresh blood orange juice, Aperol, and rose champagne.

Bloody Mary 3 Ways: First, pick a base of Skyy Vodka, Avion Blanco Tequila, or Oxley Gin, and we’ll prepare it with our house-made bloody mary mix.

Conclusion: As you can see, Camden Cocktail Lounge is ready for football season! We hope to see you soon so that you can root for your favorite team while soaking up the wonderful setting and enjoying our amazing special food and drink offerings!

Have you watched the big game at Camden yet?